Top Tech Stories Jan 31: Putin’s crypto mining blessing

Vladimir Putin backs proposal to tax and regulate crypto mining, despite the Russian central bank’s warning of fostering a “parallel financial system.” Russia is the third biggest Bitcoin-mining market in the world and Putin’s support bodes well for the development of crypto infrastrastructure and retention of talent in Russia. [Sources: Bloomberg, RBC]

Russian IPO boom set to continue in 2022, according to a study by CGI Russia and Korn Ferry, projecting 10 to 25 Russian companies could go public this year. [Source:]


The impact of Permafrost’s thaw on global warming may be even higher than scientists have previously estimated, according to the latest study by German researchers published in Frontiers in Earth Science. While there is general awareness of permafrost’s thaw and environmental damage it will bring, we’re still estimating the impact of additional potential carbon emissions that have been locked in ice for thousands of years. [Sources: TASS,]


Russia and China plan to build a research base on the Moon by 2035. The China National Space Administration (CNSA) confirmed the plan. The base is open to other countries to join. [Sources: The New Times, Spacewatch]


Skolkovo Startup Tour will be held online in 10 cities across the country. It will be held from March 3 through April 28. [Source: Startup Tour 2022]

Pulsar VC acceleration program is accepting applications through Feb. 13, looking for startups across mobility, marketplace and e-commerce verticals. [Source: Pulsar VC]

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