Tech Wrap July 10: Ukraine’s Tech Path to Recovery, Ozon Sees Growth Opportunities in Kazakhstan, Armenia

🇺🇦 Ukraine’s 500 Days of Resistance

WIRED’s new series takes a deep dive into the role of tech in how Ukraine’s war is fought and whatever comes after. They take a look at the herbarium on the frontline, how Internet trolls and trucks are leveraged in this war, as well as $1 trillion worth of damage that the government and the tech sector will have to tackle. [Source: WIRED]

🤑 Lithuanian Accelerator Firstpick Invests in Beauty Marketplace Ama Care and Local Startups Beesure, Softloans, and Stackflows

Vilnius-based accelerator Firstpick has made undisclosed investments in New York-based beauty marketplace Ama Care, as well as Lithuanian startups Beesure, Softloans, and Stackflows. These startups successfully completed Firstpick’s first acceleration program, and the funding will support their growth and development in their respective industries.[Source: BalticVC]


🌍 Kyrgyzstan Ranked Best in Central Asia for Sustainable Development

According to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Report 2023, Kyrgyzstan has achieved the highest ranking among Central Asian countries, placing 45th globally. Following Kyrgyzstan are Russia (49th), Armenia (56th), and Kazakhstan (66th). Belarus, within the Commonwealth Independent States, received a higher ranking at 34th. [Source:]

🚚 Yandex.Dostavka Expands Partnership in Kyrgyzstan

Yandex.Dostavka, the delivery service of Russian Internet giant Yandex, will launch an online platform in Kyrgyzstan to collaborate with local producers, retailers, and fast-food chains. The platform is expected to be operational within the next six months. [Source: RB]

🏫 IT Center for Youth Underway in Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan

Under a public-private partnership scheme, educational company IT-Run, in collaboration with local authorities and the national Public-Private Partnership Center, has commenced the construction of an IT center for youth. The center, set to be completed in November of this year, will provide equipment, training, and high-skilled professors, including expats. [Source:]


🇰🇿 Kazakhstan Implements Rules for Calculating Digital Asset Value

Kazakhstan’s government has adopted rules for calculating the prices of digital assets, aiming to facilitate transparent financial operations within the country. These rules apply to all types of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies traded on licensed exchanges in Kazakhstan. [Source:]

💻 Industry Data Centers Association Established in Kazakhstan

Leading Kazakhstani companies involved in data center and cloud computing services, such as Kazakhtelecom, Transtelecom, and QazCloud, have come together to establish the Association of Data Center and Cloud Services Providers. This trade association will focus on government relations, public-private partnerships, export facilitation of IT services, and promoting the software-as-a-service model. [Source:]

🚀 Kazakhstan Startup Raises $250,000

Startup Qtap, which offers a suite of services including website building, payment systems, and social media integration for companies, has secured $250,000 in funding during a pre-seed round. The investment will be utilized for marketing campaigns, scaling up operations, and expanding into new markets. [Source:]


🌱 Total Energies Explores Investments in Uzbekistan

French energy giant Total Energies is exploring potential investments in Uzbekistan, with a focus on sectors such as charging station networks for electric vehicles and green energy. The consortium aims to contribute to the development of these areas in the country. [Source:]

🖥️ Uzbekistan to Establish Educational IT Cluster

The Uzbek government has issued an order to establish an educational IT cluster in the Bukhara region, with the University of Acharya serving as its core. The cluster will focus on both education and the promotion of IT services exports. [Source:]

🚚 Largest Logistics Center in Uzbekistan to Be Constructed by Marketplace

Uzum Market, the largest marketplace in Uzbekistan, has plans to build the country’s largest logistics hub. The facility, capable of storing up to 25 million items, will enhance productivity and accommodate a greater number of vendors and consumers. [Source:]


🛍️ Russian Marketplaces Expand in Former Soviet Republics

Russian marketplace Ozon, which entered the Kazakhstan e-commerce market in 2021, aims to increase its number of outlets in the country from 80 to 1,000 by the end of 2023. The company also expects a 15-fold increase in turnover compared to 2022. In the first quarter of 2023, the number of active vendors on the marketplace increased eightfold, while the number of orders grew 27 times, and turnover soared 45 times year-on-year. [Source:]

🛒 Ozon Introduces Russian Goods to Armenians

Ozon has launched sales of Russian-made products in Armenia, primarily targeting individuals who migrated from Russia and settled in Armenia following the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The company plans to expand its delivery services throughout the country. [Source: RB]

🚗 Yandex Tests Self-Driving Cars in Serbia

Self-Driving Group, a subsidiary of Russian Internet giant Yandex, has begun testing autonomous vehicles in Belgrade, Serbia, following similar tests in Moscow. The Self-Driving Group is soon to be separated from Yandex as part of the corporation’s restructuring. [Source: TASS]

💼 Russian Startup Greenbar Establishes AI-Based Vertical Farms in Indonesia

Russian AgroTech startup Greenbar has signed an agreement with Indonesian company PT Agung Anugrah Investama to create a network of 15,000 vertical farms in grocery stores across the country. Greenbar utilizes artificial intelligence to optimize soil usage, sunlight exposure, and fertilizer application for optimal farming results. [Source: RB]